Sunday, May 6, 2012

Club Reports: Le Rouge, CityWalk, I-Bar

Saturday night in the city.  Le Rouge Wine Bar & Tapas on Sand Lake Road is trying to draw a late night chill crowd and the atmosphere is definitely conducive for bringing a special date.
Stopping by to visit DJ Tony Z (Atlantic Dance Hall, Planet Hollywood, Paradiso 37) playing a mix of Ambient and House.
Small crowd dancing to the grooves.  Will need to check this place out on a more crowded night since I think last night most people had Cinco de Mayo partying on their minds!
Quick visit to CityWalk to say hi to a friend.  Adjacent and below the moving sidewalks from the parking lot is the new Hollywood Drive-In miniature golf courses; Invaders from Planet Putt and The Haunting of Ghostly Greens!
Will definitely need to give these places a try.

 Live band playing outside Latin Quarter.
On the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, Seattle and Las Vegas-based DJ Tina T (USA) will be spinning live in The Groove.  Tickets are $10.  Nice to see TG doing something different again.
No club hopping this time downtown.  I planted myself in Independent Bar and stayed there.  The sign has finally been fixed!
DJ Indie John (second from left) and Lighting Tech Ernie (second from right) joined friends up in the booth.  Nice!  The Saturday night format here and at sister club Barbarella in Tampa is 80's New Wave.
New sign outside, new flat panel monitors inside.  The old TV's have been replaced!
Also, new lighting and smoke effects were recently added to the club.
Through the smog, one could almost ascertain that the dance floor was pretty jammed!
Laura in the upstairs bar mixing it up just right.  I tried to convince her that the last drink in a bottle is always free but she wasn't buying it!
And a good time was had by all!


71 said...

The spider is always free! Kids today, with their Jager Bombs and dubstep and not giving out the last drink in the bottle for free...

Anonymous said...

Some bartenders at PI were known to give away the last drink in the bottle.

KingBob said...

71Jason, "the spider is always free?" You lost me on that one.


71 said...

The "spider" = the last shot in a bottle of liquor. And yeah, it should be free (because unless the bartender is a robot, odds are it's not a full pour).

KingBob said...

I did NOT know there was a name for the last drink in the bottle.

As for a full pour, if the bottle is short during the last drink they normally open a new bottle and continue pouring. At least for me!