Sunday, May 27, 2012

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Suite B Lounge

Downtown Orlando on a beautiful Saturday night; no tropical storms around here...yet!
DJ Indie John in the I-Bar booth playing early to mid 80's New Wave/Old Wave.
Really good crowd on hand, both on and off the dance floor.
For those who remember when Independent Bar was called Barbarella, don't forget the Barbarella Reunion tonight right here!
Not crowded at all was Suite B Lounge.
DJ Chris Fortier (Beacham Theater, AAHZ) was playing Progressive but was competing with Paul van Dyk and the Sunset Music Festival over in Tampa.
Consequently there weren't all that many people on hand to see, as the sign read, the O-Town legend!
It wasn't exactly empty but far fewer than I would have guessed would come.
Fortier joins Kimball Collins and Dave Cannalte on July 3rd at The Beacham for this year's installment of the AAHZ Reunion!  That event will be packed.
Spotted: DJ J13 (, Bikkuri Lounge) on the dance floor with a friend.  He will be playing here at Suite B in two weeks.

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