Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bar Reports: Pub Crawl (Key West)

One of the unique options to partake at Key West is something available to both cruise passengers as well as others traveling to the island via car:  The Key West Pub Crawl.  For a set price you get a guided walking tour of the island plus stops at 5 bars.  And a T-shirt.
At each bar you get a choice of a beer, well drink or the bar's specialty drink, all included in the Pub Crawl's price.  At The Lazy Gecko a rum runner or pina colada was available and it was a great way to get started!
Tree Bar is across the street and is literally wrapped around the large tree.  A small plaque on the tree reads "Hemingway Pissed Here".
Flying Monkey Saloon was my favorite as it's much like Fat Tuesday and Chiller's in Orlando in that they feature a variety of flavors of frozen concoctions.  I had one called "Chocohol" and it tasted just like a frosty chocolate milk.  Mmmmmm!
After just 3 stops some people were already getting loony!
Schooner Wharf Bar was my least favorite, its only unique amenity being it's location overlooking the wharf.  There is absolutely no shortage of bars in Key West, nearly all of them are open-aired. The tour I took began at 10am but the guide told us bars in Key West open at 8am and thus we were two hours behind the locals!  But I gave it up after the fourth stop, preferring to visit the famous Hog's Breath Saloon which was not on the tour.  But I have to recommend the tour as what better way to meet fellow passengers than in a stupor!

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