Thursday, March 15, 2012

PI Update: Island Jammed For Spring Break

Loyal Blog reader Brian was on beautiful Pleasure Island last night and reports that the place was really jammed!  He comments, "Just shows how much Disney is missing out on!"
True dat, Brian!  Some people do stop to watch the live band at Celebration Plaza outside Laffers Cantina but business is a tiny, tiny fraction of what it would be if any of the clubs were still open!  For the most part, people are just passing through the Island on the way to somewhere else.
Yesterday we published photos of the new neon lighting placed under the marquee outside Mannequins Dance Palace.  Brian provides additional photos today which not only give perspective to yesterday's photo but also show how the neon is constantly changing colors!  Here we have green.
Here we have red.  Brian also points out something quite interesting:  The lights are on upstairs on the 3rd Floor of the Mannequins building!  Wow, I don't think those were even lit during the club's final years.
Here we have the orange/purple mix published previously.  Pleasure Island continues to amaze! Thanks so much Brian for your report and photos!


Brian said...

oh by the way I drove by the old Mr. sisters last night and there is a new club going in I forgot the name but they are holding auditions fro the new club! not sure when but soon!!

zulemara said...

Sin Orlando...some say it's opening, some say it's all a load of B.S.
Time will tell

Anonymous said...

SIN Orlando:

...lots of smoke, but little evidence of anything yet.
They talk a big game, we'll see if they deliver.
"Sin Orlando will feature a 6 head Nitrogen based cryogenic effect"
"This is essentially the same thing as CO2 systems, except Nitrogen is a better choice for the application."

"some lighting details: You can expect a LED moving head array of 40-60 fixtures (300w a piece, equivilent output of most 1200w-2kw halogen fixtures); all mounted on dynamic positions (trusses will move up and down), about 12-16 HES scanners (technobeams, trackspot 2, cyberlights or equivilent), a large 3D LED video based lighting effect, 2 or 4 head full color ILDA (fully computer controlled, capable of graphics, cartooning) laser system at 3-5w per head, and a large deployment of LED wall washes, LED glowing bars, LED glowing dance platforms"

"Being that orlando does not currently have a DJ/Producer focused venue as of yet, It will not resemble anything you are use to here. The occupiable square footage and rated occupancy will be about 20% more than what mr. sisters had. This will feel more like space in miami or honeypot in tampa with an effect system that is closer to Manniquins (closed) in Pleasure Island."

"Sin will be outside smoking only, no indoor smoking"

Anonymous said...

hope its more than just a gay club.

Munchies said...

those lights arent new. they were there when the club was originally open. bout a year after mann closed, i took video of the lights working and i believe i posted it somewhere. as for the 3rd floor lighting, i have seen that on for the past year at night. sorry to bust bubbles lol

Anonymous said...

The color changing lights are new.