Friday, September 9, 2011

PI Update: Club Names Eliminated.....Why Now?

Mannequins prior to closure. Some of the "mood" signs on the building front are shown.

Mannequins post-closure. Only the angled marquee signs were eliminated. The main horizontal sign remained in place as did the "Dance Palace" portion of the sign. Mood signs were removed.

Within the past few weeks the Mannequins name was finally removed from the horizontal sign but "Dance Palace" remains in place on the marquee. 

8TRAX prior to closure. Groovy.

After closure, the words on the front of the club were painted over but the mod paint job remained in place on the building and doors.

In the past couple weeks the groovy paint job was painted over in favor of beige.

Adventurers Club prior to closure.

Adventurers Club post-closure and post-gutting of most artifacts.

Most recently the Adventurers Club name was concreted over. Reported yesterday that the AC name that had remained at the top of the tower has also now been painted over. 

BET Soundstage Club prior to closure.

The BET name was dropped but the Soundstage Club name remained as the venue was offered awhile for private rentals. But this is how it looked until a couple weeks ago.

The name has finally been removed. So why were the club names removed recently, three years after the clubs closed? One of our Blog sources is saying that it's the end of Disney's fiscal year and Downtown Disney had some money remaining in their budget that they either had to spend or lose. So they're spending it, among other things, removing club references. They're hoping that people will forget about them! They're hoping that people will quit asking what time the clubs open that night? Same source says that there are still no third parties signed for any of the former club locations! Opinion: If no third parties rented the buildings before the names were taken down, they're not going to rent them now either. Names or no names, they still look like club buildings and they're too large and ill-suited for anything else. 


DamnMouse72 said...

The paint jobs make sence if they have a budget to "eat up". And, yes, it also makes sence that people might now instead of asking "what time do the clubs open", they might ask "what happened to the clubs?" If your source is correct, that sucks that nobody has signed any kind of lease. Well, there is always still hope (although it may have just faded a little bit more...LOL) Always thinking positive thoughts! Come on Disney...WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? GIVE US SOME KIND OF SIGN! (instead of just taking them down...LOL)

ClubMaster said...

Disney is really Starting to be annoying. At Least there having at Epcot NYE there high energy dance music playing, Looking forward to that.

Jeff - Gainesville said...

Amusing that they left "Dance Palace" on the front of the former Mannequins building. Did the money run out when they got to that part?

On another note and probably completely unrelated, but I saw where Planet Hollywood will be closing at 12 a.m. versus the 2 a.m. previous closing time. It does not sound as if they are gearing the area up for late night patrons.

Hope to hear something soon....

the truth? said...

how well do you know Disney?
Disney doesn't like anyone to know what they are doing till it opens! look back when Disney was buying property here in FLorida! they did it in secret! and still DO! I guess so other parks can't copy it before disney opens it! and also that is the way the Disney uppers are they have a plan and it has to be approved. and it does not so back to the drawing board! so they can not say this is what is going to happen and even when it doe sit changes!

scott said...

We are reckless, brave and loyal
And valiant 'til the END
If you come in here a stranger
You're sure to leave a friend

Joe said...

Good Point, DamnMouse...
DTD probably had some extra FY11 money to burn before Disney's Fiscal Year closes at the end of September.

Joe said...

I guess I should have read Bob's comments better first before posting redundant stuff.

Anonymous said...

Remember there are lots and lots of people who remember P.I. and how fun the clubs were.
Hopefully you guys will all wake up and reopen the clubs so everyone can party.
Dance Palace sound alright,also lets put 8Trax back.