Saturday, March 5, 2011

Club Report: SuiteB Lounge (Davie's Angels)

There is at least one place downtown where you can count on electronic dance music every night and that is Suite B Lounge. Last night's event was called Davie's Angels as DJ Davie-D allowed three beautiful women DJ's precede him on the decks!

I am so mad at myself because I was hoping to see DJ Jennifer Marley's set but she was on first and it was over with by the time I got there. Marley (right) has a show weeknights on and is joined here by the DJ Heather Collins.

Collins had club patrons dancing all over the place! Wow!

Suite B is a small club but it was as jammed as I've ever seen it and the $5 admission was very reasonable.

Drinks here are always strong and I was introduced to a shot called Code Red. Mmmm!

This is real DJ'ing; nothing off a hard-drive here!

Caught the third angel of the night DJ Bella from Tampa just before she came on. The music was House and Breaks with continuous beats keeping everyone moving!


Dj Smooth said...

Come on digs on those of us Djs who use Serato. I paid my dues...spent years lugging crate after crate of vinyl to gigs all over Atlanta. I can do stuff with my Serato set up that can't be done on the old skool method of vinyl only so let's keep it perspective. :)

KingBob said...

Well most DJ's are indeed using laptops with hard drives jammed with music and I don't fault that. The technology is there so use it. Some do argue the sound is richer off vinyl. Unless I look, I would not be able to tell what method a DJ is using.

Dj Smooth said...

Vinyl sucks. You lose the top end and the low end of the spectrum even with the best of cartridges. Back in the day in clubs, I always had the treble notched up a little to adjust for the lost in sound quality, especially if i was going back and forth between vinyl and CD. Vinyl can be very easy to scratch, can't tell ya how many times I've had someone accidentally knock the back of the tonearm while trying to talk to me. I'll take scratch live over that stuff any day of the week.