Thursday, March 17, 2011

PI Update: Latest Updates

Warm weather on beautiful Pleasure Island has the trees bursting with new leaves and that is helping to block views of the construction zone where Rock'n'Roll Beach Club used to stand. But look at the lower right corner of the construction wall and spot that new addition.
One of the Hyperion Wharf pieces of concept art has been installed to give passersby a glimpse of what's coming to that area behind the wall. This is a view as seen from the water looking up at the outdoor Amphitheater where presumably the Island's musical acts are moving to. Orlando Harley Davidson on the corner has been replaced with Zach Divine, assumed to be a false name for a future restaurant or lounge. Notice the area on the upper floor which looks a lot like a dance floor. A large LED billboard with Mickey's face adorns the roof where the Harley sign used to stand and we see three magical pillars which will have displays that move to the music or even offer information during the day.
In the construction zone looking towards where Motion used to stand, we see pathway construction.
SkyCAM VIEW: The new pathway is easier seen in this shot. It should make a 90-degree turn where you see it currently end and head into what is now the service court for Portobello and Raglan Road.
Disney has filed a construction permit/notice of commencement to expand the outdoor seating area for Portobello. The current area along the side of the restaurant could easily be accommodated back here where the original (but closed) pathway used to traverse.
There are three of those utility pipes in the ground in the construction area. Someone more familiar with construction techniques can perhaps enlighten us but I take it to mean up to three separate new venues can be fit into the demolition area. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported last October that one of them was Mahogany Bay Classic Old Boats and Good Food, although that was not necessarily the final name. We've also heard reported some kind of food kiosk with a lighthouse design in this area. Earlier rumor was food and full bar with outdoor seating and later just a snack bar with beer-wine.
Another view in the construction area looking west towards Paradiso 37.
SkyCAM VIEW: Looking down on the Adventurers Club and Soundstage (formerly BET Soundstage) as well as the Ultra-lounge at West End Plaza (formerly Celebration Plaza). There are no indications that anything is about to be demolished in this area. For one thing, demolition walls must go up first and that hasn't happened. In addition, glass was removed from RRBC before it came down and all the glass is still here.
SkyCAM VIEW: As you may have read elsewhere, Ridemakerz is moving out of the former Virgin Mega Store building at the end of April. Don't know if it's a move to a new home of a permanent closure.And no official word on what they're going to do with all that empty space either.
SkyCAM VIEW: Also reported elsewhere is the move of Little Miss Matched from this corner location on the West Side over to Marketplace where the Disney $10 Store is currently located. Orlando Harley Davidson will be taking over this space along with the space behind it where Mickey's Groove is currently located. The move gets Harley off Pleasure Island but into a highly visible location.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully they 'll reopen Mannequines, 8Trax, Adventurers Club, and Soundstage.
Hopefully they'll all wake up and find out what all the P.I or Hyperion Wharf goers want.

Anonymous said...

Kungaloosh to that!

Jeff - Gainesville said...

More great photos. I love the "SkyCam Views"....