Saturday, November 6, 2010

PI Update: Small Progress

Updating you on construction of Bridge #1 from Marketplace, you can see that it is almost completed with lighting now installed. CLICK ON ALL PHOTOS TO ENLARGE
The circular walls that previously surrounded the Lily Pad entertainment area have been reduced to a small square, revealing that there is still going to be a circular area located there. The four new lamps previously reported are now outside the construction walls.

This is what's beyond the construction wall that is immediately behind Raglan Road. Nothing too exciting!

Club Motion continues to be picked clean from the inside as it is readied for demolition. While I've speculated that the rebuilding of the #1 Bridge was so construction/demolition equipment could safely enter the Island, sources tonight say that demolition barges with cranes anchored on Village Lake are coming to knock down RRBC & Motion.

The Andre Caram Band was performing on the Purple Stage tonight in Celebration Plaza.

Despite the cool weather, a large crowd of onlookers gathered to watch them perform.

The two human statutes remain a feature in front of BET Soundstage and it will be interesting to see what they do with them once construction walls go up.
Over in Downtown Disney West Side, construction walls now surround the west entrance AMC Pleasure Island 24 Theaters as they convert some of the theaters to luxury seating with restaurant service. This Blog was the first to report the name change to AMC Downtown Disney 20 Theaters! Below, Pollo Campero construction nears completion in Downtown Disney Marketplace.

The second cold front of the Fall season pushed through Orlando Thursday night, bringing cool temps with it. So what better place to hang out and be cool on a Friday night than beautiful Pleasure Island. Downtown Disney was pretty packed and parking spaces were scarce. Ran into two sources this evening who were quite interesting. One said the dance floor is back in Mannequins. The other said it is definitely not in there and will provide photographic proof to me in the near future!


71 said...

A truly minor update, but...

Ever since PI opened, the sinks in the bathroom beside Motion have had handles. I think they may have been the last sinks on property to not have motion sensors.

Sometime in the last 3 weeks, motion sensors finally were installed on them. I can only assume that means they plan on them getting more use again soon.

KingBob said...

71Jason, minor yes, but important information nonetheless. They would not have added improvements to those bathrooms if they weren't planning to keep them there. So it shows the dividing line between what's coming down (the adjacent Motion) and what is not. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I may not know much about Motion, But it seems that some say that the dance floor is back at Mannequines, I hope it is.
So this may be a glimmer of hope in the gloom.
I think though it is going to be rediculous serving dinner in the theatre, maybe it's going to be a dinner theatre setting, I frankly hope not.

KingBob said...

My impression is that there are no current plans for either 8TRAX or Mannequins. They'll fix up the exteriors to have them fit the new nautical theme but that's about it for now.