Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Groove Cruise

This past weekend I got to vicariously experience Shiprocked, a heavy metal Rock'n'roll fest on a cruise ship. It was not a planned encounter; I only learned the event would be on my cruise the night before I departed. Rock is not my cup of tea but it was interesting to see how such events play out.  If only they'd do something like that for us House music fans!

Well they do and it's called the Groove Cruise, offered by Miami-based Whet Travel.  And it's coming this January 21-24, 2011 on the Norwegian Sky, pictured above docked in Nassau this past Saturday. They have run a Groove Cruise several times from Miami and Southern California and I believe one time this year from NYC. What is Groove Cruise?  It's DJ's on board instead of bands. In the past they've had private shows that only passengers who booked through Whet Travel got to experience. What makes this coming Groove Cruise different is that there has been such high demand that they've chartered the entire ship! Visit whettravel.com if you want more details. I am not endorsing it, just telling you about it. UPDATE: George Acosta & Darude just added!

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