Thursday, November 25, 2010

Club Report: Tabu (AAHZ Encore)

Last's years 20th anniversary AAHZ Reunion was so awesome that this year they did an AAHZ Encore!

Back where he belongs, DJ Dave Cannalte (Mannequins) working the boards for the huge early crowd.

Looking through the haze, the place was packed from the beginning.

Stage dancer showing off her secrets!

The seamless switchover from Dave Cannalte to Kimball Collins.


DJ Kimball Collins on the decks.

It was crowded everywhere.
DJ Smilin' Dan (Independent Bar) with Dana (Stella Luca Salon).
DJ Baby Anne with Cannalte. He's cute too.
3am came way too soon and when it was time to go home, the crowd left peacefully.
The general consensus is that there is a huge demand for music like this and it has to happen more than once or twice a year. I reported on the special techno night they had at CityWalk on Labor Day weekend which was similarly packed. The Tiësto concert last week packed UCF Arena to the rafters. Someone needs to deliver this to us!


Brian said...

and this why Mannequins should have never closed!
the rest of PI could have closed! I would have not cared! heck for me all of the years I went I hardly cared or visited the other clubs!
and this is what Disney have done old school nights newer nights and or a mix of both?

Anonymous said...

I frankly with that one, but I think they should just reopen those two Clubs.
Also leave PI alone.

Anonymous said...

babyanne always looks incredible!

KingBob said...

Yes, she looked really awesome that night!