Friday, September 17, 2010

PI Update: Fun In The Ultra-Lounge

Thursday night in the city and a visit to beautiful Pleasure Island to find out what is going on. During my visit an island source spotted me and mentioned that we should see some club demolitions in October. First Motion and then Beach Club. We'll see, since we have at least one Blog reader saying that nothing is coming down! There certainly is no activity inside Motion to indicate they're emptying it out.

But that doesn't mean that nothing is happening on our Island. Construction continues on the PI #1 Bridge from Marketplace. Too dark to see anything though except these colorful water works!

The sewer work adjacent Mannequins has been completed. Isn't that the nicest manhole cover you've ever seen? First class, as only Disney can do!

Taking third billing tonight after bridges and sewers are Nicholas Marks and his Gypsy Guitar who was performing Stage Left and the Andre Caram Band who were performing Stage Right. Of all the entertainment acts performing in the PI Ultra-Lounge in Celebration Plaza, these two are by far my favorites. Both are loud and dramatic enough to get passersby to stop, look and listen. Pretty good crowd on hand to watch them perform.


Anonymous said...

nothing is coming down...believe me it is not in the budget!!

Anonymous said...

I hope there is going to be a good turnout for the PI reunion, at Atlantic Dance Hall.
Hopefully this will wake the "higher ups" and let them know we need some nightlife for the adults.

KingBob said...

Readers need to be there....and bring at least one person with them!

Anonymous said...

Nightlife? Nah... We need more shopping and dining for the stroller crowd.

Anonymous said...

first in front of Mannequins Dance Palace! 8:30 Sept 24th Friday!!! this coming Friday!

71 said...

Hey Bob, sent you an e-mail on this, but Mannequins was in use Friday night for a private event. Can't remember this happening since the close. Anyone know more details?

KingBob said...

71Jason, someone had posted a Comment here on the Blog last week that Disney big shots were coming to town to tour Pleasure Island. They were sprucing things up to impress them.

But Mannequins? Sure, it's there. But the electronics, lighting, everything was gutted out. Maybe there were people IN there, but they couldn't have been doing much.

But WOW. Supposedly BIG announcements coming Sept 24th!