Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mannequins Alley Bar?

Do any of you who have been around awhile recognize the name, Mannequins Alley Bar? When I was out at beautiful Pleasure Island a few days ago, I bought some popcorn and a drink at the Adventure Club Cart. I just noticed that the receipt does not have Adventure Club Cart on it, it reads Mannequins Alley Bar! So is this the name of something that used to exist long ago? Or is this something new? Anyway, Mannequins lives!!


Anonymous said...

probably an old cash register that they used to use in mdp for extra bars when they had big event crowds or they are just making us want to make up a rumor

Brian said...

the first years PI had bars outside Mannequins in the front on the back so this is what is most likely is!
the bar was at one time right next to the evaluator just before you go in it! maybe the one they had on the 3rd floor yes it used to go to the 3rd floor and you had to walk all the way down that might be it????

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's a remnant of old PI.
They just repurposed the store in the system.

What I never understood is why they moved the MDP Alley Bar register there instead of using the AC "ODF" one that was already in the outdoor bar.

KingBob said...

Wow, that does bring back some memories of a bar outside Mannequins. I don't recall one near the elevator but I do recall them having one on Saturday nights over near the pizza cart. As for the 3rd floor, only got to visit there one time. It was never open in the final years!

Thanks for the explanations.

zulemara said...

it has been like that since closing unfortunately :-( I bought something last year and it had that on my receipt and in my bank acct.