Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Comedy Warehouse Reunion

It's Pleasure Island Reunion month. On Monday I reported on the PI Reunion for PI dance clubbers. Yesterday I reported on the Adventurers Club Reunion. Today I report on a Comedy Warehouse Reunion. The Orlando Improv Festival takes place this coming Sunday through Tuesday at the Winter Park Playhouse in Winter Park. There will be total of 12 shows scattered across the three dates and in my opinion, the most important one is one called Island Time by a group calling themselves the Cast Aways. I'm sure you get the play on words. These are Comedy Warehouse castaways from the Island we know and love. Their show is on Tuesday night at 8pm. Individual tickets are only sold just prior to the show. The cast includes Lisa, Brian, Mark, Matt, Robby & John. CW fans need to arrive early to assure a seat!

Pictured: Lisa, Mark, Mary & John from CW.
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Joe said...

"Up Yours, Diznee!"

Anonymous said...

been saying that!
funny when i say it everybody thinks i am wrong?

Anonymous said...

agree x 2

KingBob said...

This week's Orlando Weekly and today's Orlando Sentinel both have articles mentioning this Improv festival. And both specifically mention the troupe of veterans from Comedy Warehouse.