Friday, September 3, 2010

Club Reports: Dexter's, Vintage, Vixen, The Other Bar & Independent Bar

So many clubs, so little time! Thursday night out on the town....

At Dexter's in Lake Mary/Heathrow, DJ Michael Knight was playing a mix Top 40, Hip Hop and Oldies to a pretty good crowd. Did not recognize a sole though! I stopped at the Dexter's in Winter Park and it was closed. They're clearly missing out on a successful format idea they could be using. Also stopped at Circa in Winter Park. It was open and DJ Clinton was playing, but only 5 patrons in the entire club. Supposedly the place is jammed on weekends.

Moving downtown, DJ Freefall is the Thursday night DJ at Vintage spinning mostly Hip Hop hits to a very crowded club. People dancing all over and the new downstairs location for the booth is definitely a success.

The world-famous DJ Jimmy Joslin has a Thursday night residency at adjacent Vixen. He was spinning House/Techno from a new booth location in this club too. The much more spacious booth by the window overlooking the dance floor is far superior than the previous 2x2 broom closet they used to have there! Joslin is the Sunday night SIN DJ at House of Blues on September 19th. He's still waiting to hear if he's opening for Tiƫsto in November as he has during previous concerts.

DJ Drop Top had a decent crowd on hand at The Other Bar. This was a first time visit for me to this club located within the Wall Street complex.

Finally, no visit downtown is complete without a stop at Independent Bar. DJ Smilin' Dan was spinning mostly Alternative but there was an occasional Top 40 hit like Lady Gaga inserted as well, which was very popular with the crowd. Also a few Techno hits I was familiar with from satellite's BPM. What I found most interesting was that I did not recognize a single person in here either. No I-Bar Saturday night regulars spotted; a completely different crowd.

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