Monday, September 30, 2019

What Are You Doing For NYE?

It's just 3 months away!  Have you made your NYE plans yet?  There are so many choices but my absolute favorite for 8 years in-a-row now is the New Year's Eve Spectacular at EPCOT!
The Blog has confirmed that DJ Mark Sanchez (USA) will be returning to the stage at Italy! He plays House, EDM and even a few Breaks!
The piazza gets packed as the lasers fly overhead!
The Blog has confirmed that DJ Dominick Morrison (USA) will be returning to the booth at China! He plays mostly EDM with some House.
The square gets packed as the dragon belches smoke and fire shoots from above. There are more DJ's playing other venues too such as the UK, American Adventure & Fountain Stage. We'll update this article once we have their updates. No one puts on a better NYE party than Disney and a good time is had by all.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Club Report: Blue Room (P&O Pacific Explorer)

Blue Room is the main nightclub onboard P&O Australia's Pacific Explorer.
DJ Josh Dee (AUS) was back in the booth here.
Arrived just after midnight to a rather-spartan dance floor.
But the adult comedy show and Gatsby show had just ended and it filled quickly.

 The music American and Australian Top 40.
And a good time was had by all.

Friday, September 27, 2019


Tonight.....11 years ago.

Club Report: Bianco White Party (P&O Pacific Explorer)

You know by now if it's at all possible on a trip, I'm going to try to include a cruise. Such was the case this weekend in Sydney where I boarded a 3-night cruise on P&O Australia's Pacific Explorer.

 It's hard to imagine a more spectacular setting for the sail-away, operating from the White Bay Cruise Terminal near downtown Sydney.

Passing under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, this iconic structure has long-been a symbol of both Sydney and all of Australia. It opened in 1932.

 Passing by the 1973-opened Sydney Opera House.

A feature on most P&O cruises, the Friday night Bianco White Party!

 A live band opened with a half hour of 70's Disco and 80's Classics and then DJ Josh Dee (AUS) took the controls!

Guests were encouraged to wear all-white.

Most complied! 

He opened with a lot of 90's classics.

And then a switch to EDM with two back-to-back Calvin Harris (GB) hits including a song I haven't heard in a club in years, "Bounce".

Packed to the rafters!

The peeps want EDM!

 And a good time was had by all.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Trip Report: Sydney, Australia

View from the plane on approach to Sydney, Australia's Kingsford Smith Airport (SYD).
The airport is linked to the city centre via a railroad line.
The trains are clean, fast.....and expensive.
Since I'm in Sydney for a cruise, not a lot of sightseeing just yet. Will post some pics of the sailout from Sydney Harbour tomorrow which will pass by the Sydney opera house and under the famous harbour bridge.
In the meanwhile, contemplate this: Burger King in Australia is called Hungry Jack's.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Trip Report: Nadi, Fiji

Throughout the next two weeks we'll be doing several trip reports from my journey to Oceania. After an overnight flight from LAX, arrived across the International Date Line to a Tuesday morning in Nadi, Fiji.
Transportation provided by Fiji Airways linking their South Pacific home to Los Angeles and San Francisco in America.
The capitol of Fiji is in Suva on the east side of the island but the international airport is on the west side of the island at Nadi (NAN).
View from my hotel room.
Flowers everywhere in Fiji.
Spending the afternoon at Port Denarau.
Obligatory visit to Hard Rock Cafe.
View from my dinner table.
My yacht, lol.
Back at the hotel, some musical entertainment. While there were some requisite south Pacific tunes, there was also "Sweet Caroline".
Tonight DJ Killer (FJI) and DJ Dee (FJI) will be playing at Knots Night Club.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Trip Warning

KingBob is off again on one of his trips, this time to Oceania. Because of the time differences, Blog articles may appear at odd times compared to normal. Just keep checking back for our next posting. We'll have a few Club Reports along the journey plus some destination Trip Reports we think you'll find interesting.
For those that know your IATA airport codes, the following 10 flight segments are planned:

These 10 flights pale in comparison to my March trip last year when there were 17 flight segments! But that trip included United Airlines famous "Island Hopper" with this article posted here.
Thanks for tuning-in!

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Club Reports: The Lodge, Chillers, Latitudes, Independent Bar, Aero Bar

It's been too long since we visited The Lodge, so that's where last night's journey began.
DJ Josh (USA) was in the booth.
And the music was 90's.
Only a few dancing to such tunes as the Backstreet Boys.
You feel like you're in an authentic hunting lodge when you're at The Lodge. Once the weather cools down they'll be running a videotape of a fireplace. It's still too warm right now.
Walls full of dead animals add to the authenticity. 
This place does get packed with dancers later in the evening!
It's also been awhile since we've dropped in on Chillers.
DJ Troy (USA) was in the perch here playing Hip Hop.
The venue's name comes from these machines dispensing slurpee-like alcoholic concoctions with names such as Purple Orgasm, Happy Ending and Viagara.
This place would typically be packed but Church Street seems pretty dead of late.
Up above Chillers is rooftop venue Latitudes. It's probably Orlando's oldest rooftop bar operating under the same name.
Here we found DJ Scott (USA) from 101.1WJRR in the booth playing Top 40.
It's a large venue and there was a decent crowd on hand.
No one was dancing during my visit but it was still kind of early.
They have a well-stocked bar.
Latitudes is home to Orlando's famous "Orange Drop" on New Years Eve.
You know by now if it's at all possible on a Saturday night, I'm going to try to make it to I-Bar!
Resident DJ KC Cuts (USA) was leading the festivities.
Good crowd in here dancing to 80's New Wave!
Spotted in the booth: DJ Dave Cannalte from Mannequins, DJ Cliff T from Aero & DJ Parry from The Patio.
Spotted in VIP: Doc John & his entourage.
The nice thing about dating a girl with an 'X' on her hand is you don't have to buy her drinks.
Fun times at I-Bar.
Because everyone loves the 80's!
Needing some House music so finishing out the night at Aero.
DJ Dominick Morrison (USA) turning the controls over to DJ Cliff T (USA).
Dance floor up here was packed!
Everybody shuffling!
As a rooftop bar open to the sky, you're literally "dancing with the stars".
The lasers were flying!
Fridays at Aero are more on the EDM side of House while Saturdays are more pure House.
Great music and a good time was had by all.