Saturday, November 10, 2018

EDC Orlando - Day 1

After many months of preparation, Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando finally arrived! Let's take a look around Day 1.
The kineticFIELD main stage dominates the event!
DJ Acraze (USA) opened the show.
The backside of the main stage shows just how massive it is.
There are 5 stages of music at EDC-Orlando and one of the most fun ones is Corona Electric Beach.
Not many people yet for DJ Tegi (USA) out of Miami doing House.
Another fun one is the Boombox Art Car stage!
Peeking in the window and finding Blog-favorite DJ Suzy Solar (USA) delivering a fast-paced Trance set!
The VIP pool.
Practicing troupe.
And flag team.
And a bunch of clowns!
Venturing into the neonGARDEN tent.
For DJ Hito (J / D) techno set.
And a first visit over to the circuitGROUNDS stage.
D&B and Heavy Bass set from The Prototypes (GB).
EDC girls.

EDC kite team.
The kineticFIELD stage is in Tinker Field and that dirt is the remnants of the stadium's former role as a baseball field from when the Minnesota Twins did their spring training here.
DJ Henry Fong (USA) up on stage playing House/EDM.
The crowd was gathering.
DJ Doc Brown (USA) at the Beach.
Where's the beach!
Vans high tops and army boots dominated the scene yesterday.
Spotted at Red Bull: The Z brothers DJ David Z (USA) & DJ Tony Z (USA).
Spotted at the boombox: Nerissa & Sandra
Spotted in VIP: Donna & Erick
Back at the Boombox Art Car!
DJ Edgar V (USA) with more Trance.
Now back into the tent.
Love me some DJ Lauren Lane (USA) going all House on us!
Can't let the paint dry! Over to circuitGROUNDS which is located in the field across Rio Grande Avenue from the stadium.
DJ Badklaat (GB).
Heavy Bass had the heads banging!
Most of the youngsters stayed over here all afternoon.
Really early crowd this year and this was the 4PM view of the main stage area from atop the adjacent Camping World Stadium.
Looking south towards McCracken Field which is used for the Boombox, south entry portal, carnival rides and vendors.
VIP area.
Plenty of port-o-potties for the needy!
Live on stage, DJ Timmie Trumpet (AUS) playing for the first time ever in Orlando!
And he actually plays the trumpet during his sets!
So many great costumes!
Like I said!
VIP life!
Beer pong in progress.
EDC gives you wings!
Showing her colors.
The Power Rangers were here.
As well as the TMNT's!
DJ Westend (GB) at the beach!
House music all night long!
Group photo from Festival Passport Group, a $1000 annual pass to all Live Nation events and festivals.
At the neonGARDEN, DJ Patrick Topping (GB) delivering more House.
By now the tent was packed!
A quick peek into the SiriusXM trailer backstage.
Delivering EDC to SiriusXM listeners on the Diplo's Revolution channel.
With DJ interviews from the SiriusXM Lounge located in the stadium. Here we have SiriusXM announcers Geronimo and Rida Naser interviewing DJ JOYRYDE (USA).
Love the vibe at Corona Electric Beach.
DJ Lauren Lane (USA).
House / Tech House set from this Blog-favorite.
Never got that crowded over here though like last year.
With night upon us, the kineticFIELD main stage lit up in all its glory!
The teeming masses, yearning to breath free...and hear great music! Red stage.
Green stage.
Blue stage.
Spotted at the private party: DJ Cliff T (USA) with Patrick Ledbetter covering the event for the Orlando Sentinel.
Spotted at SiriusXM, DJ Geronimo (USA) with Brian Pink (USA) from 93.3FLZ Tampa Bay.
Spotted on the skydeck: DJ Scotty B (USA) with DJ Henry Fong (USA).
Spotted at SiriusXM, DJ Horny Dave (USA).
After the sun goes down, EDC goes electric with electric rides!
Electric lights!
Electric mushrooms!
Electric trees!
Blog-favorite DJ duo Carabetta & Doons (USA) continuing the House theme of the night at Electric Beach.
You never know what you might find at the beach!
One more visit to circuitGROUNDS for DJ Space Jesus (USA).
More Heavy Bass had the crowd banging!
Backstage pose after his set.
One last visit to the tent.
House / Tech set from DJ Paco Asuna (E).
And one last visit to the boombox.
Famed DJ George Acosta (USA).
And then a last visit to the mainstage.
Where DJ Alesso (S) played a hit-filled EDM set.
Packed to the rafters!
Backstage, headlining DJ Martin Garrix (NL) posing with fans before his show-closing set.
Fun in the pit!
If you're coming out today, come early! A sellout crowd of 67,000 is expected!
Alesso being escorted to his suite.
A big wow and a good time was had by all!  Ready for Day 2!


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Wow you got some great photos and coverage!

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KingBob in the house! Going anywhere and everywhere

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Thanks, Dr. Pinna & Anon.