Saturday, March 10, 2018

Trip Report: Bangkok

Continuing with a series of trip reports from my visit to southeast Asia. Yesterday was spent in Bangkok, about a 2.5 hour drive via bus from the cruise port in Laem Shabang.
Bangkok is a city of tall highrises, several with rooftop bars offering views from 60 stories plus!
It's a city of canals.
There is a large river active with transport boats as well as barges and tug boats.
It's easy to get around as signs are in both Thai and English.
The BTS Skytrain offers transport around the central city where many of the transactions are located.
Sadly, this dirt lot is where Q-Bar used to be located. It apparently got a new owner who allegedly ran the place into the ground. Insanity Nightclub is right next door.
Front entrance to Insanity.
Sorry to miss this event: Ferry Corsten, Standerwick & Sean Tyas!
Beautiful traditional architecture.
And it's all over the place.
One of the local controversies.

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