Friday, March 2, 2018

Club Report: Late Night Disney Springs

This September will mark 10 years since the nightclubs on Pleasure Island were shuttered. Since then we've seen close to zero adult nightlife on the Island. In January though we reported on the DJ/Show at The Edison, the first time in a decade that adults had a place to dance at PI. And beginning last night, a new attempt to capture the market Disney purposely dumped so long ago! Late Night Disney Springs has arrived. You can see the list of venues, all of them on the Island.
Each participating venue had this sign by their door to let passersby know that they were open late and offering entertainment.
Taking place at the Waterview Stage in the spot where Rock'n'Roll Beach Club once stood, a band had played earlier.  At 9:45PM they broke down their bandstand and the DJ booth was put together for the 10PM start.
Opening night DJ Ants (USA).
There was a decent crowd standing or sitting around but it took about 10 minutes until people began dancing!
DJ instructions were to bring a Miami vibe to the Island!
The new dance party will take place on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights at least through the Spring Break season and if they can draw some crowds, perhaps longer.
The music was about 50% EDM with the balance mostly Top 40 and a little bit of Latin. Overall, I was pleased with what I heard.
Apparently different DJ/Entertainment companies operate each of the three weekend nights with Penguin on Thursdays, Event Concepts on Fridays & DJ Elliot's company on Saturdays.
There were 5 light towers brought-in offering club lighting but portable bars never materialized.
The event exceeded my expectations and I will be back. Apparently there was also a DJ playing inside Mannequins Morimoto Asia but I missed it! DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) will be at Morimoto on Saturday night!
Adult nightlife has returned to Pleasure Island.  A good time was had by all!


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It's progress, at least. If stuff like this succeeds, there's a chance we'll see more of it in the future.

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Looks promising.