Saturday, February 3, 2018

Concert Report: Igloofest (Montreal)

Who the hell does an outdoor DJ concert in the middle of winter? Third year in a row visit to Igloofest!
There are ice sculptures!
Ice slides!
And plenty of iced alcohol!
Taking place over 3 weekends this year with 3 nights of DJ concerts each weekend.
Last night it was all about Techno and I arrived at the Sapporo Main Stage to see DJ Tone Depth (CDN) putting on a wicked set!
It was only 9PM on this Friday night and the crowd was already building.
I thought it was cold last year at 15F° when DJ Carl Cox (GB) performed. It was 4F° last night.....and dropping!
There is a second Videotron Stage to the side with more Techno!
DJ db (CDN) on the decks over here.
There is a pavilion you can go into to warm-up.  I was in here a lot, lol!
Purchasing an official Igloofest toque is a must!
One of the best sets of the night came from DJ Cassandra Daiva (CDN) who had taken over the Videotron Stage.
She had a small crowd gather but most everyone was over at the main stage.
Because taking over at the Sapporo Stage was.....
Famed DJ duo Sasha & John Digweed (GB).
I had seen both of them perform individually in Florida, but never together!
Down to 2F° but on with the show!
Techno.....and perhaps at times over the line into Tech House!
The stage was repositioned this year so this much-wider dance floor was packed beyond belief!
Those wondering how you can stand to be outside for hours in this weather need to understand that you just need to dress warm, huddle together!
Amazing music makes it happen!
There was a namesake igloo nearby.
People dancing inside to music from the main stage.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!

 Back at the second stage for local DJ duo Pulses (CDN).

They had their own following over here!
Who the hell does an outdoor DJ concert in the middle of winter? Montreal does, that's who! Big thanks to Relationniste Francois Fornier for the hookup!

A good time was had by all!

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