Monday, January 1, 2018

Club Reports: New Years Eve @ Disney

New Years Eve last night and for the 6th year in a row, spent it with the Mouse!
Into EPCOT we ventured, first stop the Fountain Stage in Future World for DJ Charles Miles (USA)!
Only 8PM and already super-packed!
His Top 40 set contained quite a surprising amount of EDM which made the peeps happy!
Now into World Showcase at Italy where something was definitely happening!
DJ Mark Sanchez (USA) back in the booth for another year!
The piazza was packed here too!
The crowd going crazy for the Dubstep section of DJ Benni Benassi's "Cinema".
Jammed from the stage all the way back to the lake!
Spotted in the fog: George ClubMaster
The music here a mix of EDM & Electrohouse!
 That look you get from electronic dance music!
During the intermission, the original club Razzles crew!  Of course we know Mark Sanchez from club 600 North in Daytona Beach.
At EPCOT: Italy, it's all about the lasers!
Now over to EPCOT: China!
For DJ Dominick Morrison (USA).
At China, it's all about this smoke-belching dragon!
And these flame throwers warming up the air on a chilly night!
Dance floor absolutely jammed here too!
Also packed from the booth to the lake!
Of course we know The Dom from his days at Pleasure Island's Mannequins as well as currently at downtown club Aero. He opened last week at The Social for Swiss DJ Nora en Pure. Link.
The peeps want EDM!
Spotted on the dance floor: Allie
EPCOT is the place to be on New Years Eve and I never did even make it to the parties at United Kingdom, American Gardens Stage or to wherever they moved the Silent Disco this year! Biggest EPCOT crowd I've seen in the 6 years coming on NYE!
Now over to Atlantic Dance Hall for their NYE party!
DJ Willie (USA) on stage here!
Typically this place clears out after the midnight fireworks but last night it remained crowded!
The Top 40 music format kept the crowd dancing!
In the years after Pleasure Island closed, New Years Eve was always a sell-out at ADH but when they switched from a hard ticketed event to something you had to call Disney Dining about, fewer people knew about it. Good to see it's coming back!
Of course we know DJ Willie from his sets here at ADH as well as from Disney theme parks and CityWalk club The Groove!
Confetti explosion (missed)!
1AM and still going strong!  Atlantic Dance Hall is located at Disney's Boardwalk Resort.
Also at the Boardwalk, a family dance party on the lawn!
DJ Tony Z (USA) on the decks!
This is another event that normally would fade once the midnight fireworks ended. But not last night, when like everywhere else, it kept going and going!
The music Top 40, EDM & Line Dances!
Of course we know Tony Z from Atlantic Dance Hall, Planet Hollywood and other venues!
Just an amazing night all around Walt Disney World!
And everywhere we went, a good time was had by all!

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