Sunday, March 5, 2017

Club Reports: Shine, Monkey Bar, Peek Downtown, Vinyl Arts Bar

You know if it was up to me I'd just stay home on weekend nights and watch CSI reruns. But someone has to do this so there I was out again on a Saturday night to keep you informed about club options. This time beginning at Shine.
DJ Rubonix in the booth spinning Top 40.
Shine is the largest of the numerous clubs and bars in the Wall Street Plaza complex and except for special events, admission is free.
Activity on the dance floor of this steampunk-themed venue was just picking-up during my visit.
With most people still congregating near the main bar!
Now on to the best kept secret within Wall Street Plaza, Monkey Bar!
DJ Rob Prynge on the decks!
Real House music had the early crowd bouncing!
It's like this every Thursday, Friday & Saturday night!
With a great balcony and bar overlooking Wall Street action below.
Next stop Blog-favorite Peek Downtown!
All female DJ's all night! DJ Miss Bliss in the booth when I arrived!
Quickly followed by DJ Miss Behavior!
Mostly Breaks had the early crowd on their feet!
Spotted behind the bar: Tiffany & Chuck
Spotted in front of the bar: Bobby L
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Navitas who would take over at 12:30AM, with Holly.
Always a fun time at Peek!
But I needed to move on to my final stop of the night at Vinyl Arts Bar!
For DJ Brian Busto (USA).
Dance floor was busy here for House music!
Of course we know Brian Busto from his "Serious Soul" House nights in Tampa at The Castle's dungeon room!
Turning the reigns over at 12:30AM to DJ Joeski (USA)!
A veteran out of NYC, Joeski plays clubs around the world!
VAB is built in an old house and the dance floor is in the former living room!
And the dance floor stayed busy!
House music (and maybe some Tech House) all night long!
Spotted on the dance floor: Amanda, Ginger & Christa
Spotted on the dance floor: Ernesto
A lot of his songs had vocals, something I always enjoy!
The 2AM crowd had the living room packed!
Can't wait for March 17th when DJ's Dimitri Monev (BG) & Marina Karamarko (HR) will be playing here on the same night!
Meanwhile last night, and a good time was had by all!

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