Saturday, March 18, 2017

Club Reports: Peek Downtown, Sandwich Bar, Vinyl Arts Bar

So many Friday and Saturday nights include a visit to Peek Downtown and there's a reason: you can always count on great House music or Breaks here!
Last night it was House from DJ's Castillo & Fobia!
Peek is notable for late crowds so only a handful were dancing during my early visit.
Peek switches over to Breaks tonight (Saturday) with DJ Fixx (USA) in the booth along with a first ever American performance by DJ FM-3 (E).
Sandwich Bar all done-up in green last night for St. Patrick's Day!
On the decks, DJ Igor Vicente (B).
Another smaller crowd dancing to House & Tech House.
The music had everyone moving though!
The Belgian DJ plays in Atlanta tonight.
Spotted by the bar: Todd......with friends photo-bombing him!
The infectious beat made it hard to leave!
But leave I must. To Vinyl Arts Bar.
Arrived to find DJ Georg:ev playing House.
VAB is built in an old house and the living room is where you'll find the DJ booth and the dance floor!
The front bedroom is a a place to visit with others.
The bar is in the kitchen!
A back bedroom is a chill.
And the family room is a hookah lounge! Just a very cool place with art scattered everywhere!
Back up front, DJ Dimitri Monev (BG) has taken over!
His set a mix of non-vocal Techno & Tech House.
Spotted on the dance floor: Marina
And she would take over around 1:15AM, DJ Marina Karamarko (HR).
Opening with a vocal track, her set was more traditional House and it brought more dancers onto the floor!
And a good time was had by all!

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