Thursday, January 19, 2017

DS Update: Visiting The Projects

Whether you're on viewing from your smart phone, tablet or laptop, let's cross this bridge one more time to beautiful Pleasure Island and visit the Island's various projects!
With the exterior of The Edison about 75% completed, most of the activity is taking place inside.
We know there's going to be a restaurant aspect to The Edison but the intrigue surrounds this large "room" which could be a performance arena with a stage or it could be a night club. Or both.
Our roving reporters are trying to find out!
Over at Riverboat Square (better known as the Lily Pad), the former "Empress Lily" continues to be turned into new restaurant / lounge Paddlefish. Progress has been amazingly fast to me even though it did not meet its advertised deadline to open of "Late 2016".
It looks rather striking and should offer diners, particularly those looking for seafood, a lower price point than The Boathouse next door.
My camera did not have a quick-enough shutter to capture Paddlefish from high up on the swaying balloon ride, lol!
Contractor issues, roof issues. Planet Hollywood Observatory did not open last year and it didn't open last week either. Or this week. That outdoor downstairs bar over there had at least one television monitor showing football on it so we may finally have a sports bar in Disney Springs!
Taking reservations now for this coming Monday so I think we're finally there!

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