Monday, January 16, 2017

DS Update: New Balloon Flying High!

The new Characters In Flight balloon became operational this past week. The lack of "characters" on the new balloon has led to speculation that they're going to change the ride's name but I'm told that's not the case. The Blog was told that Disney picked out the design which was made to better fit with the motif of Disney Springs.
The ride comes with a new gondola too that features LED lighting that can remain solid or flash. If you look at the bottom of the balloon itself you'll see numerous rectangular panels just outside the black ring. Those panels are home to more lights that illuminate the balloon's interior.  Those too can stay lit or pulse disco style!  The side panels of the gondola are plastic and can be changed-out.  With a little effort, the gondola could be themed for holidays or other occasions. Likewise for the light colors.
Of course someone has to pay for the new balloon and that sir would be you.  The price has increased from $18 to $20 while the AAA/CAA rate has increased from $15 to $16.  There are lower-priced Groupon offers at off peak times. The best deal remains the "10 before 10" where you can ride before 10AM for just $10.

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