Thursday, December 1, 2016

DS Update: Christmas Tree Trail

Happy December! Located in the former bus circle along the edge of Disney Springs Marketplace, the new Christmas Tree Trail exhibit is sure to be a popular draw this holiday season.  SPOILER ALERT: Do not scroll past this picture if you plan to come out to see this for yourself.
The exhibit begins with Mickey & Minnie's own Christmas tree.
Beauty and the Beast.
The Little Mermaid.
Lilo & Stitch
Mary Poppins
The Princess and The Frog
The Jungle Book
101 Dalmatians
Intellectual property such as Muppets dates back to a very early Disney acquisition. Curiously absent on the trail is a Marvel-themed tree.  Disney owns Marvel but is contractually prohibited from using most of the Marvel characters in a theme park east of the Mississippi River where Universal has those rights. One would think that Disney Springs would not be considered a theme park but perhaps they felt it smarter to not test the matter.
Alice In Wonderland
As nice as the trees appear during the day, I'm told they look spectacular lit up at night.  It's a must-see attraction this month at Disney Springs and there is no admission charge!


Anonymous said...

Eh, okay at best..
Put the Osborn lights in Disney Springs, that I would call a " Must See "

Anonymous said...

I think its really for kids.