Sunday, December 11, 2016

Concert Report: Visage Reunion (Independent Bar)

It was no ordinary Saturday night at Independent Bar last night. Instead of the usual, I-Bar became home to the Visage Reunion!
Arriving fashionably late after midnight, I found the club and dance floor close to impassable!
The music driven by original Visage DJ Paul Vaine.
Visage itself predates my moving to Orlando but it was a club on north OBT that is now a doctor's office!
And like the AAHZ Reunion that took place at The Beacham last month, last night's event brought out the older crowd hoping to relive the old days!
With a lot of the younger Saturday night I-Bar crowd on hand as well!
The Blog has followed Paul Vaine from his Friday night Venue 13 residency at 11/12 Lounge on Lee Road to his alternate locations at Lyrica downtown, Chakra Ultra Lounge by UCF, Club Asylum on the SOB Trail & Bombshells in Lockhart.
The music last night never went as dark as his Venue 13 events, staying pretty much the 80's New Wave typically played here on Saturday nights with some variations from the norm.
The crowd loved it and the dance floor stayed packed!
With a lot of the Goth crowd returning to their former Saturday night Orlando home too.
Spotted at the bar: CJ & Carol
Spotted in the corridor: Andrea
Spotted in the booth: Mannequins' Jeff & Karen with DJ Paul Vaine
Spotted on the dance floor: Andrea with Sonia
Spotted on the dance floor: Mannequins' Lawrence with Kim
Spotted on the dance floor: Matt & Amber
Spotted in the booth: Lighting Tech Ernie with DJ Paul Vaine. As always, Ernie did an amazing job setting the mood with his lighting effects!
Spotted by the bar: Christin & Tracy
Spotted in VIP: DJ Def Jeff
Spotted on the dance floor: Adam with Lynette
Such a great night and virtually no one departed until the lights came on at 2:30AM and everyone was forced to leave!
A good time was had by all!

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Anonymous said...

It was a great night! Dj Paul Vaine had the club jumping. Felt like 1993 all over. Visage and the crew that worked there are a part of Orlando history. Good times were had, I saw Jim Quan cell, the owner, Paul Vaine, the great D J, and Bev,Drew,&Scotty-boy, the bar staff. Thumbs up I-bar.