Friday, December 16, 2016

Club Report: Atlantic Dance Hall

When nearly 1100 guests showed up at Atlantic Dance Hall on Wednesday night for the second edition of their new early 00's Night, I thought the new mid-week music format was really catching on so attending Thump Thursday was a must!
Arrived to find DJ Cruz in the new on-stage booth playing the new Thursday night EDM format.
Sadly, no one knows about this yet and there was about 1050 fewer people on hand than the previous night! Turns out Wednesday night was Jingle Ball, an annual CM event.  It wasn't the new music format that brought them.
A lot of Classic Dance was played although the DJ did creep into Top 40 hits by request.
Some great Mannequins videos were often played on the screen behind the DJ!
Spotted by the tech booth: DJ Frankie.  He tells us he's the DJ here next Thursday night so come check him out!
Spotted on the dance floor: Marshall who we know from downtown Orlando!
By midnight, the place was pretty much emptied out. We did hear though that Tuesday-90's / Wednesday-00's / Thursdays-EDM will continue through January.  It was originally announced just for December. They need to get the word out though if they want this to be a success.  

 Atlantic Dance Hall is located at Disney's Boardwalk Resort and admission is free.
Last night, can't say that a good time was had by all.


71 said...

I know it was a special event and all, but still shows with publicity, can bring out 1,100 cast members. If half of them are "princesses," the convention business will quickly follow. Turn a dead venue into a money-printing machine.

KingBob said...

Jason71, the Blog has been preaching something like that for over 8 years now. It's pretty obvious that the lack of publicity for anything happening at Atlantic Dance Hall is deliberate.

Anonymous said...

after what that WITCH said at the PI reuinon! REALLY