Thursday, November 24, 2016

Concert Report: AAHZ Reunion (The Beacham)

 The leading event on Orlando's annual social calendar is the AAHZ Reunion, a re-creation of the AAHZ club night that used to take place in the late-80's & early-90's right here at The Beacham Theater!
Arrived just before 10:30PM and the club was already packed!
In the booth when I arrived, DJ Andy Hughes (USA).
Going back-to-back in the early time slot with DJ Stylus (USA).
And within 30-minutes you could hardly move about the place!
The early soundtrack of the night, the Breaks that made up so many of the hits of that era!
At 11PM, DJ Scratch-D (USA) of Dynamix II taking over!
And he would continue the Old Skool theme of the night!
The series of more-or-less annual AAHZ Reunions began in November, 2009, just over a year after Pleasure Island closed its clubs.
And during that time when Hip Hop dominated what was being played in Orlando's clubs, AAHZ was the perfect prescription for what ailed me without my Mannequins!
AAHZ brings out the older crowd that used to rave back then; the music and the vibe brings out the nostalgia each time!
And such euphoria!
The Beacham was absolutely jammed!
Shortly after midnight, DJ Icey (USA) taking control!
And he delivered hit after hit from back in the day!
Including a short segment of my favorite Mannequins song, "Everyday".
Crowd bouncing to his set!
Lasers exploding!
View from VIP!
Glow sticks are back!

Spotted in the press box: Amanda
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Kay Kay & DJ Def Jeff
Spotted by the stage: Kimball's #1 fan Donna with William
Spotted by the entrance: Ashley, CJ & Leah
Spotted on the dance floor: Stacie, Chrissy & Crystal
Spotted on the dance floor: Stacey with friend
Spotted in the lighting tech booth: Former Mannequins DJ Dominick Morrison & crew. Barely over one month until we see him perform at EPCOT: China on NYE!
Spotted on stage: Dance singer Rachel & Planet Hollywood Observatory's Ashleigh.
Spotted on stage: Another Mannequins classic, DJ Dave Cannalte with DJ Jerry "The Reverend" Johnson.
Spotted on stage: Dana with DJ Smilin' Dan
Spotted by the bar: DJ Parry & Renee

 Spotted at the logo store: Tracy Lulu
Spotted on the dance floor: Trish
Spotted on stage: Event official photographer Brian Miller who actually knows how to use a camera! Check his website here for real photos soon.
Spotted by the booth: DJ Icey with Marlon
Spotted in the foyer: DJ Versa-Style (USA) with friend.
Also spotted in the foyer: DJ Geebo with Jen.
Spotted by the stairs: illDJ ChrisB (USA)
Spotted on the dance floor: Lynette & Adam

 Spotted at the barrier: Pamela
Spotted at the barrier: Angela
Spotted in VIP: Christa, East Side Angie & Aubrey
Spotted on stage: DJ AK1200 (USA)
Spotted on the dance floor: Mauricio of the band Prophecy.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Sandra Cruz and George
Getting ready for the final set of the night, DJ's Dave Cannalte (USA) & Kimball Collins (USA) better known as AAHZ!
And wavering away from the Breaks that had dominated the night up until now, Kimball went Old School Progressive House on us!
Playing songs that people recognized from the original AAHZ era!
Still based in Thailand, my "one night in Bangkok" tour in 2013 included seeing Kimball at Q-Bar at one of his then-residencies. Link.
Dave & Kimball were taking turns to round out the night.
A night full of musical memories!
As 2:30AM approached, no one was leaving!
A good time was had by all!


Cazzy the Alien said...

I'll be totally happy to be jammin' guitar with Prophecy (Mauricio) Zunday night at Midnight at PEEK. Peace. One Love. Cazzy the Alien

KingBob said...

Thanks, Cazzy!

Stace Bass said...

Thank you King Bob for supporting Kimball, Dave and everything about AAHZ and it's legacy. It's because of you and the AAHZ Army the energy and positiVibes are so strong. Keep enjoying the music... see you on a dancefloor again soon. xo