Thursday, June 30, 2016

PI Update: Our Clubs: What You Are Now Is What You Were When

Pleasure Island, the place where one admission price got you 5 dance clubs & 2 comedy clubs. So where are our beloved clubs today?
CLUB: Motion   FORMAT: Top 40 Hits   STATUS: Demolished
TODAY: The Boathouse  MUSIC: Acoustic Singer  DANCING: lol
CLUB: Rock'n'Roll Beach Club  FORMAT: Rock bands  STATUS: Demolished
TODAY: Hangar Bar  MUSIC: Background  DANCING: None
CLUB: Mannequins  FORMAT: Electronic Dance  STATUS: Renovated
TODAY: Morimoto Asia  MUSIC: Coming Soon  DANCING: None
CLUB: 8TRAX  FORMAT: 70's & 80's  STATUS: Renovated
Lower door view of 8TRAX.
TODAY: Part of Morimoto  MUSIC: None  DANCING: None
CLUB: BET Soundstage  MUSIC: Hip Hop, R&B  STATUS: Demolished
TODAY: Walt's Place  MUSIC: Unknown  DANCING: Unknown
CLUB: Adventurers Club  FORMAT: Outrageous Comedy  STATUS: Renovations
TODAY: The Edison  MUSIC: DJ's/Other  DANCING: Unknown
CLUB: Comedy Warehouse  FORMAT: Improv Comedy  STATUS: Demolished


Anonymous said...

A great area at night, but those pics show exactly what I would see during
the daytime...a ghost town!

Anonymous said...


zulemara said...

Disney's idea of a "Bold New Vision:" glorified outlet mall