Monday, June 20, 2016


During my Asia trip in 2013, I was able visit this store on the Ginza in Tokyo called Uniqlo.
The store was about 15-stories tall but given the price of real estate in Tokyo's central business district, the store was very narrow.  So what it lacked in width, it made up in height!
This is the Uniqlo store opening within the next few weeks in Disney Springs. What it lacks in height, it makes up in width.  This is the largest new store in the Springs!
Uniqlo is the biggest coup of any for Disney SpringsUniqlo only has a handful of other stores so far in the United States and none elsewhere in Florida or the southeast.  To get this was a real win for Disney!
Their price points are a bit higher than H&M or Forever 21, but not a lot higher. It will be a popular new shopping option for not only tourists but also for locals.

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