Monday, June 6, 2016

DS Update: MacGuffin

In the world of Fiction, there is a term called a "MacGuffin" that is used to describe a plot device that throughout the story seems to be very important to the story, but in the end actually has little to no importance at all. Such seems to be the case for the springs of Disney Springs!
Realistically made and beautiful to look at, people hardly pay them any attention!
Central Springs from the No. 2 Bridge.
Eastern Springs at the No. 1 Bridge.
People are crossing the numerous bridges back and forth, but they're hardly giving the water a glance! (Particularly during the day.)
Looking down on the Eastern Springs area near T-REX Cafe.
Eastern Springs with some sort of water re-circulation drain.
Closer up.
Western Springs near the No. 4 Bridge.
The bend between the No. 2 & No. 3 Bridges.
The springs are a MacGuffin because they are part of the entire fictional backstory of the city of Disney Springs and they seemed so important to the entire development when it was first announced and as the construction continued.
In the end though, it's a shopping center with some great store and restaurant selections but the springs themselves are unimportant to the development.  No one is coming out here for the springs, they're coming for the stores and restaurants. 

The springs as a MacGuffin. George Orwell & Alfred Hitchcock would be pleased!


SGT623 said...

It's also the name of a bar, well two actually, in AMC on the West Side ;)

KingBob said...

Did not know that. Very cool!

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