Saturday, June 18, 2016

Club Reports: Nightown, Victor's, Cash's Faux Pas, Brannigan's (Destin/Fort Walton Beach)

Up in the Florida panhandle aka Destin / Fort Walton Beach the last couple days on business. Since I used to live here back in the day, decided to drop by some of my former haunts.
OMG, dance club Nightown in Destin is now closed! This placed opened in the mid-80's when I lived here and it closed last NYE.  That means it lasted 30 years!
When I lived here, this place was called Victor's and it was the top club in the area. Located on the mainland in Fort Walton Beach, The Block has a karaoke club, country music club (with a mechanical bull) and a Top 40 club.  When I last visited, I asked DJ Mr. VIP if anyone in the area played EDM?  He responded, "Not around here!"  I couldn't live here anymore.
Red Rose Gentlemen's Club is located on Okaloosa Island in a the building that formerly housed Cash's Faux Pas dance club.  Since it was across the street from the beach hotels, it was a top spot to meet tourist girls from Alabama, Mississippi & Louisiana.  Interestingly, RRGC was in the news today when a local Air Force commander banned servicemen from patronizing the place following some recent shootings and alleged rampant drug use and dealing!  Link here.  There are 3 Air Force bases surrounding Fort Walton Beach.
Owner Cash Moore always had a way with words!
Buffalo Sport Zone downtown on Miracle Strip Parkway has been a sports bar for some time now, replacing Luxe Sports Grill and Barley's. When I lived here, it was Brannigan's and at the DJ dance party on Thursday nights, I was one of the regular judges for their Foxy Lady contest.  Seems like they played a lot of 80's back then!
This stage overlooking Santa Rosa Sound and Okaloosa Island will be home for next weekend's Thrive Music Fest.  No DJ's, just bands. Some places never change!
But I'm here for business and not for clubs so this was my Friday evening plan before flying back to Orlando later today for some real music!  Once home, a good time will be had by all!

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