Monday, April 25, 2016

PI Update: Latest Walt's & Edison Pics

Beautiful weekend in Orlando, and what better place to spend it, than Pleasure Island!
We only know of Walt's or Walt's Place because of that Scott Joseph article last year, but if that's what it is, we know what it will look like from this piece of concept art.
Construction continues at this former site of BET Soundstage Club.
Concept art shows that tower taking on an art deco look!
Workers were out in force, presumably to get this place finished before the end of 2016.
The concept art also shows the adjacent The Edison Orlando project.
The pace here too has quickened of late.
Concrete has been poured on this platform sitting partly over the waters of Village Lake.
Lots of activity now in the former Adventurers Club.
View west across the bottom of TEO.
Close up of that new concrete platform.
That Scott Joseph article is also the only place that has mentioned the mysterious Neverland Tunnels project, hidden under West End Plaza at the front of The Edison Orlando, Walt's & STK.
Can no longer see into the Neverland Tunnels space, at least from this vantage point.


Troy said...

I hope they keep the old AC stair railings (I see they're still there, as of now). I know they'll probably be eliminated at some point, but I wish Disney had the foresight to keep different parts of the old clubs in the new venues. Maybe a mannequin somewhere in Morimoto, the railings in the AC, some wash of '70s and '80s color in the Morimoto kitchen.

KingBob said...

That would have been a clever idea, Troy. Too bad they didn't think of that.