Tuesday, April 5, 2016

PI Update: Has Walt's Place Begun?

A balmy April afternoon, so what better place to spend it, than beautiful Pleasure Island!
Those girders on the far right have been installed in the spot formerly occupied by BET Soundstage.  And that's the spot rumored to be the future home of Walt's or Walt's Place!
Up until now the only work on the site was at Adventurers Club as slow progress was made on its conversion into The Edison Orlando.  On the left, you can see the framework for the future power plant smokestack.
The former BET site is a deep sight that goes up to the waters of Village Lake but interestingly what is currently being constructed here runs narrowly along the edge of the two-level West End Plaza.  You'll recall the rumor that access to the Neverland Tunnels, located below the plaza, was going to be through Walt's. So maybe what we're seeing here will be where that access is located.
Around back of Adventurers Club, we get a good construction site overview.
Also a good view how the former AC building and the Walt's site to the rear go right up to the water. Note the new bulkhead wall close to the water's edge.
A pit into the ground within the AC building is a new feature here.
Ground floor view, the former basement of Adventurers Club.
And looking across that basement aft towards the Neverland Tunnels project!

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