Tuesday, April 19, 2016

PI Update: Closed

As previously reported on the Blog, Fulton's Crab House has closed.  It is being renovated to a new concept and the rumor is that the concept is New Orleans Cajun.  With The Boathouse next door featuring seafood, Fulton's needs something new to keep it relevant.  It will supposedly keep its Mississippi riverboat decor and add an outdoor rooftop lounge!
Planet Hollywood is not technically on the Island but it predates the West Side so it was always considered part of Pleasure Island marketing.  It has been closed for awhile now while serious renovations take place.  Most all the action so far has been inside but the exterior is taking on a new look as well as you can see in the concept art. The distinctive globe look remains.
The Wetzel's Pretzels & H√§agen-Dazs kiosks have closed with both ventures reopening next month at Disney Springs Town Center.  Even these kiosks were a new location for them; you'll recall they were previously located in what became the West Side's Starbucks location.  Their new location should be much better as the kiosks were well-hidden from most foot traffic!


lawnjart said...

All I have ever wanted Disney to do is make a real life version of Tiana's Place, with live jazz, and the best beignets. It was on the water front, put it here.

KingBob said...

Maybe the renovated Fulton's will serve beignets! I'd line-up for those!