Thursday, April 7, 2016

DS Update: Latest Lime Garage Pics

New signage installed on Buena Vista Drive as one approaches the intersection where continuing on BVD requires a 90° turn to the left while going straight puts you onto Hotel Plaza Blvd.
Exterior decorative louvers have been installed along much of the Lime Garage under construction adjacent the Town Center and Marketplace sections of Disney Springs.
The southwest corner of the garage does not have the louvers yet.
Nothing gets car park fans more excited than ramps but they're becoming increasingly difficult to see as the louvers are installed!
This is the west face of the garage.
Another perspective.
The north side of the Lime Garage looms over Disney Springs but the buildings are tall enough that when you're standing within the shopping district, you'll rarely get a glimpse of the garage. Many venues within the Town Center will open next month but we don't have an opening date yet for the garage.

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