Thursday, March 17, 2016

PI Update: What's New On The Island?

Come with us one more time to beautiful Pleasure Island!
At Adventurers Club, a very nominal amount of visible progress compared to our previous visit last month
Of course the conversion into The Edison Orlando isn't going to be ready when the Town Center section of Disney Springs opens in approximately two months.

But at this pace it isn't even going to open in 2016.
Lower level looks pretty much like it did last month.
The Adventurers Club ornate stair rails currently remain in place.
Over at Raglan Road, this week's Mighty Festival peaks tonight for St. Patrick's Day!
Built in Ireland and shipped to Walt Disney World, Raglan Road is a beautiful facility that stands where Pleasure Island Jazz Company once operated.
One of two new kiosks going up near the Lily Pad.
This is the other one.
A new fountain is also here.  The area features a scenic overlook of Eastern Springs.
Despite the high price, the amphicar rides at The Boathouse stay busy!
Like any mall, stores at Disney Springs are going to come and go.  This shop is our prediction for the first one to go.  We miss PI Live Bar that used to stand here!


Troy said...

"Built in Ireland and shipped to Walt Disney World, Raglan Road..."

Wait, what?

KingBob said...

Yes sir!

Troy said...

As in the d├ęcor inside the restaurant was shipped, right? I'm assuming we're not actually talking about the building itself as it looks remarkably similar to photos I've seen of PI Jazz Company (which does pre-date my PI time).

KingBob said...

I think they mean the front exterior which includes the foyer and logo shop and perhaps the restaurants on the side. The large building to the rear was definitely part of PI Jazz Company.