Thursday, March 3, 2016

PI Update: Another Look At The Bridges

Pleasure Island is just island.  And while it's possible to get to the island via boat, most people arrive via one of the many bridges that connect it to the rest of Disney Springs.  So using our exclusive SkyCam, let's give you an update on the 5 permanent bridges and 2 temporary bridges.  Bridge No. 1 connects Disney Springs Marketplace with the Island between Fulton's Crab House & T-REX Cafe.  This new wider bridge replaced a set of triple bridges that used to stand here. The recent removal of merchandise kiosks on the east side of the bridge has eliminated the pedestrian funnel that used to cause problems here. Notice that the bridge hides the barrier between Village Lake water to the east (left) and spring water to the west (right).
Bridge No. 2 connects the lower level of the island with Disney Springs Marketplace.  This bridge is brand new and replaces the former so-called Mannequins Bridge that used to stand roughly in the same spot.  The new bridge is also much narrower than its predecessor.
The brand new No. 3 Bridge also connects the lower level of the island with Disney Springs Town Center.  This is located where a former wider predecessor bridge was used by Cast only and service vendors. It's hard to spot from the air; it's located behind STK.
Pretty new Bridge No. 4 connects the island's lower level with Disney Springs West Side.  This one is also below STK and connects over to near Planet Hollywood Observatory.  It's also been built for vehicular service traffic.  Notice that the springs end under here with Village Lake water continuing on the near side.
The No. 5 Bridge was until recently the No. 4 Bridge but was renumbered when the new No. 4 Bridge was constructed.  This one also begins in Disney Springs West Side but connects to the island's upper level. (Special note to our northern U.S. & Canadian readers: Notice shorts and lack of coats! You should be here.)
This shot not only shows us Bridges 4 & 5 near the top, but also the two temporary bridges side-by-side near the bottom.  The closer bridge is the Pleasure Island Bypass Causeway that used to take guests around the Island's construction zone.  It is now closed to the public and is mostly used to transport goods to Paradiso 37.  We expect it to ultimately be demolished.  The temporary construction bridge above it connects the West Side to the construction area for The Edison, Walt's and Neverland Tunnels.
A nice overview of Disney Springs with additional views of Bridges 2, 3,4 & 5.  Soon you'll be able to come out and cross these bridges on your own!


Anonymous said...

Talk about sparkling clean springs VS black mukey water.
Hopefully they will do something about that, looks way to fake.

Troy said...

Do they keep both bridges four and five around following completion? Seem awfully close to each other, considering both lead to West Side.

KingBob said...

Anon, the lake is a living body of water with fish, plants, otters, etc. The Springs of course are fake. Wait till they start bubbling!

Troy, Bridges 4 & 5 both begin in the West Side but No. 4 leads to PI's lower level while No. 5 goes to PI's upper level. So they serve different purposes.

Thommy Sandvick said...

I can't see how having any bridge thinner that the previous is a good idea. Bottleneck!

Anonymous said...

Especially by morimoto which you would think is a main bridge.

KingBob said...

I agree.