Tuesday, March 1, 2016

DS Update: Disney Announces Many New Tenants

The new Disney Springs water tower went up last week, just in time for yesterday's official announcement of new tenants coming to the shopping center.  Some were complete surprises while many were known, if not officially announced, from their "Help Wanted" ads.
Shopping tenants announced yesterday included Anthropologie, Kate Spade, Lacoste, Under Armour, Vera Bradley, Lucky Brand, Alex and Ani, Shore, American Threads, boho specialist Johnny Was, Volcom, Everything But Water, Free People, Sperry and Oakley, among others.
They join previously announced Zara and Uniqlo. When it comes to retail in Orlando, very few are unique but I am excited about Uniqlo and Shore!  Also, NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan's son will be opening the very first Trophy Room.
On the food front, previously-labeled Disney Burger is revealed to be D-Luxe Burger, a gourmet burger-joined owned and operated by the Mouse.  

 Previously-labeled Patisserie is revealed to be Amorette's Patisserie. If it's anything like the patisserie in EPCOT: France, it's sure to be popular!


Jeff - Gainesville said...

It's really starting to look like the concept art now. Love those eye in the sky views!

Anonymous said...

Feels more and more like the Florida mall every day...
not vary unique and over priced clothes / handbags that only the braininess will buy.

KingBob said...

Jeff, thanks!

Anon, the more it duplicates Florida Mall, the less need for Disney guests to go to Florida Mall. That's the idea. Of course Florida Mall contains many stores that Disney Springs won't have. Likewise, Disney Springs has announced some stores that are nowhere else in Orlando!