Thursday, January 21, 2016

PI Update: Mannequins Memories

Everyone had their own favorite club at Pleasure Island.  It's well-known that mine was Mannequins!
There was a little bit of drinking.
Great DJ music!
And a whole lot of dancing on that revolving dance floor!


Richard Soto said...

I used to do all 3 of those things when i was there. i do miss it a lot & i'll
cherish it all by memories. I also remembered the times that i would get there
right when it opened & be the first or second behind Brian Story or in front waiting
to get inside & hang by Dawns bar & enjoying a Tropical Lifesaver & shots of B52
to hit the spot.Then enjoying the view of fine looking women as they came around on that
awesome revolving dance floor. Then leaving at 2am to hang out at the parking lot
with friends deciding where to go eat at.

Brian said...

yes sir Rich!

Mike Peek said...

Ha, I see I got you thinking about Mannequins with that picture, lol.

Richard Soto said...

Hey Brian.

Thommy Sandvick said...

I am so grateful I took the plunge to come to WDW for the last night! It was epic beyond belief and I will always cherish those memories!

KingBob said...

Hi Richard & Brian!
Mike, yes you definitely did!!
Thommy, I think that's when I finally met you!

Thommy Sandvick said...

It was! We saw each other across the bar and you bought my drink if I remember correctly! I remember it like it was yesterday!

KingBob said...

Yeah Thommy, you still owe me a drink!