Thursday, January 28, 2016

PI Update: Bridges To The Island

Being the island that it is, Pleasure Island has always been a land of bridges connecting the outside world with the fun. And while there no longer is much pleasure on the Island, the bridges will still be the way to connect to the so-called Landing area. The bridges begin between Fulton's & T-REX Cafe.  This is the No.1 Bridge and it's where Village Lake water on the near side ends and the springs of Disney Springs begin.
The Eastern Springs section begins here.  As you know, until Disney releases official names for the springs, the Blog has given them directional names.
The springs head west towards Mannequins.
A future scenic overlook near Cooke's of Dublin.
The new No. 2 Bridge replaced the much-wider Mannequins Bridge in roughly the same spot.
Save Pleasure Island Blog exclusive SkyCam look at the No. 2 Bridge at Central Springs.
Beautiful Central Springs adjacent Morimoto Asia.
Behind STK, the new No. 3 Bridge connects the Town Center to the lower level of Pleasure Island. The former No. 3 Bridge located here was castmember only and connected the PI parking lot to a service area behind Comedy Warehouse.  This bridge traverses the area between Central and Western Springs.
It is here at Western Springs that the water makes a 90° turn back towards the lake.
The new No. 4 Bridge adjacent Planet Hollywood.  It connects Disney Springs West Side to the lower level of Pleasure Island.  Notice that the spring water ends at this bridge and lake water is on the near side.
Formerly the No. 4 Bridge and now the No. 5 Bridge, this also connects the West Side to Pleasure Island but to the Island's upper level.  This is an original bridge and we don't know yet how it will be renovated to fit into the new railroad theme of the area.
Closer to the lake, two temporary bridges.  At the top we see the construction bridge used to bring materials and equipment to the site of The Edison, Walt's and the Neverland Tunnels.  At the bottom, the Pleasure Island Bypass Causeway is still partly in place and is used to service Paradiso 37.  And that concludes our look at the PI bridges and springs.  Tomorrow a look at some of the new food options going into the area.


Thommy Sandvick said...

those bridges look way too small. Can you imagine during busy times with people and their damn double wide strollers? That is not going to end well

KingBob said...

Yeah, good point. You know how crowded the No. 1 Bridge gets and it's very wide. The new No. 2 Bridge makes no sense, given its prime location.