Friday, January 29, 2016

DS Update: Those Confusing New Restaurants

First The Boathouse opened, then Morimoto Asia opened.  Looks like STK (pictured above) will be next.  Facing West End Plaza / Celebration Plaza, the multi-level venue sits on the cliff roughly where Comedy Warehouse used to stand.
The rear of STK has an outdoor patio overlooking the springs.
Much more confusing are the locations for other announced restaurants. Located near the turn of Western Springs, we believe this is going to be Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza.  Also notice the construction site on the near side of the springs. We'll talk about that in a moment.
A closer look at Blaze Pizza. (maybe)
Notice what appears to be a separate building on the right.  This pic also gets a look at the construction site on the near side of the springs.  This too is a restaurant site located between STK and the springs.  It can either be Frontera Fresco by Rick Bayless or Homecoming by Art Smith.
Whichever one it isn't will probably go to this site adjacent the No. 2 Bridge and directly across from Morimoto Asia.  We're not sure which restaurant is which.
Another view of that same building to the lower left.  To the lower right, yet another new building which Disney Springs maps unofficially identify as "Welcome Center".  Notice how the branch of the springs reaches up into the Town Center between these two structures.
This building to the left of the No. 2 Bridge at Central Springs has previously been identified as Sprinkles cupcake bakery.  But it sure seems awful large to be a cupcake store!  The brown building to its rear is supposedly Pandora.
Another view of Sprinkles.
Different view of either Frontera Fresco or Homecoming.
And that springs branch between it and the Welcome Center.
And here possibly the Burger Shop, Disney Burger, In-N-Out or whatever it's going to be called! Frankly, we just don't know. There are 6 large buildings, 4 if you leave out the Welcome Center & Sprinkles. In reality, we just don't know what restaurants are going where!

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