Tuesday, January 26, 2016

DS Update: Shop Till You Drop

Turning on the Blog's SkyCam, our eye-in-the-sky over Disney Springs!
Disney Springs Town Center is moving rapidly towards completion.  This section will house the enclosed mall-type section.  It sits besides Planet Hollywood and the new bus circles.
As shown in the exclusive concept art we previously published, most of the Town Center will feature outdoor shopping promenades.
As you walk the area, there will often be more than one route to take to get to the other side.  This will make it appear to be larger than it is, not that it's small.  Indeed, it is large.
The section behind the new cupcake store.  Notice how the springs has a tributary that branches up into this area!  We published a photo of this tributary last September before the area got built-up, as shown here.
This is the central area of the Town Center.
With this curious-looking onion-dome structure at the intersection. 

Of course Disney Springs Town Center wraps all the way around T-REX Cafe to Disney Springs Marketplace to where McDonald's / Pollo Campero once stood.
The World of Coca-Cola building continues to move along too.  It seems to feature a rooftop patio of sorts although it's not near the springs.
And it does now sport a Coca Cola sign on the side facing the theater.  Concept art shows at least two sides of the building encased in a glass exoskeleton.  Thursday on the Blog we'll give you an updated sky view of the beautiful springs and bridges.

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