Sunday, January 24, 2016

Club Report: The Joint (Daytona Beach)

Surveying my Saturday night options, I could go to the R3HAB concert at Gilt or to the Monster Truck Jam at the Orlando Citrus Bowl. Or I could drive to Daytona Beach to The Joint.
I chose the latter and arrived around 11:30PM to a packed nightclub!
Oh yeah!  The right decision!  DJ Mark Sanchez (USA).
Of course we know Mark from his incredible EDM/House sets on NYE at EPCOT: Italy!
But last night it was no EDM set; it was a night of Breaks!
Packed club getting down!
I realized standing here that it was the first time I had seen him deliver the Breaks that made him famous.
Changeover happening around midnight.
Taking over for the next two hours, DJ Sharaz (USA).
And the crowd went crazy!
Spotted on the dance floor: Bea
Spotted in VIP: DJ Kay Kay & Marci
Spotted by the bar: DJ Alex Baez, Kristopher, DJ Andrez, Amanda & Trish
Spotted on the dance floor: Stacey
Bustin' some Old School!
Dance floor stayed jammed into the wee hours.
Getting down to ATB's "9PM (Till I Come)".
Florida Breaks in action!  Lots of Orlando and Space Coast peeps in the crowd.
Sharaz' catalog of hits includes songs such as "Just Can't Wait" & "Release Me".
The right choice of where to go last night was made!
And a good time was had by all!

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Dante Russo (via Facebook) said...

To who ever the person was that did the write up on the joint from last sat show with shraz myself,hance,wes and adria,pepper, steven and mike want to say thank you for all the nice compliments. Everything you wrote is what we had envisioned with all the shows we have done and we will continue to keep throwing quality shows every month.Im glad you thought the ride from orlando was well worth coming to daytona and we hope to see you again soon.