Monday, October 12, 2015

DS Update: Bridge & Garage Report

Disney Springs was originally a small Florida town founded on natural springs that surfaced in this area. With so much water around, many bridges were needed to provide access to the different sections of the city.
The No. 5 Bridge in the foreground connects Disney Springs West Side to The Landing's upper level at West End Plaza. In the background, the new No. 4 Bridge.
Closer up view of the No. 4 Bridge.
A point-of-view shot of that bridge shows that it also begins on the West Side but stays low over the water, connecting to The Landing's lower level just below STK.
The new No. 3 Bridge will connect The Landing / Pleasure Island lower section over to Disney Springs Town Center.  On the Island side, this is below STK and adjacent Neverland Tunnels.
The new No. 2 Bridge replaced the former No. 2 Bridge aka the Mannequins Bridge. It's much narrower than the bridge it replaced which could handle service trucks.
Side view of that almost-finished bridge.  It connects Town Center on the left with the Island on the right, directly by Morimoto Asia.
No changes at the No. 1 Bridge adjacent T-REX Cafe.
Construction continues rapidly on the new Lime (East) Garage.
Located adjacent Disney Springs Marketplace and Disney Springs Town Center, it's sure to be a popular place to park!
Like the already open Orange (West) Garage, it's being constructed in three sections.  That's the western most section going up.
The center section.
And the eastern-most section.
And for you car park fans to drool over, a close-up!

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