Sunday, October 18, 2015

Concert Report: Zedd (USF SunDome - Tampa)

Stoked for the Zedd concert in Tampa last night at the SunDome on the campus of the University of South Florida!
Opening DJ Alex Metric (GB) was still on when I arrived around 8PM.
His set was an increasingly fast-paced mix of EDM hits!
DJ Dillon Francis (USA) came on around 8:35PM.
His set was a mix of his own Dance hits plus those of others.
Huge crowd down on the floor!
Dillon Francis is the DJ that showed up this past Wednesday night at Aero in downtown Orlando and played an unplanned set of Dance hits to a shocked crowd!
Overview of the dance floor from earlier.
Dillon is an extremely talented and creative producer.

Three of the creative displays that served as a backdrop to his 50-minute set.
Short people sometimes needed a boost!
Over the years I've very rarely appeared on the Blog, but there I am in that crowd shot!
And finally at 9:40PM, the reason everybody was here!
Zedd (D)
Playing from a much higher DJ booth set further back from the edge of the stage, Zedd had a mind boggling video display to go along with his "True Colors" show!  He opened with hit "Clarity" ft. Foxes.
Displaying behind him as well as on the booth wall below him, it would take us on a journey through caves, cathedrals, computers and more!
Such as this volcano!  Playing "Cowboy" (remix), ironically by Zeds Dead.
He would play all his hits including "Stay the Night" ft. Hayley Williams.
Everyone sang along to most songs, including "Spectrum"!
Place was packed but deploying my EDC strategy I somehow managed to make it to row 5!
When he played a long version of  "I Want You to Know" ft. Selena Gomez near the one hour mark, I thought his show was ending.  But no, he played for over 90 minutes including a two song encore!
Zedd requested guys to pick up their girls and let them ride piggyback!
He's in there!  Part of the impressive graphics package delivered last night.
Thanking the Tampa crowd!
A good time was had by all!

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