Monday, October 5, 2015

Club Report: House Of Blues SIN Final Night

Seven years ago we did this drill with Pleasure Island; last night we did it again with House of Blues Sunday night Service Industry Night (SIN) at Disney Springs in Lake Buena Vista.
Club opening at 10:30PM with DJ Richie Rich.
And typical of every Sunday here, the break dancers gathered and did their thing.
RR starting the night off with some slower beats and then building up the pace with a mixture of current commercial House and Old Skool.
Richie has been a part of Service Industry Night here for 9 years!
DJ Sandy with DJ Jimmy Joslin. Both were resident DJ's here for many years. Last night Sandy would MC the event while Jimmy would DJ.
Like every Sunday night, dance floor was packed!
Over the years many venues would try to do something on Sunday nights but they would fail because everyone was here!
Packed bars!
DJ Jimmy Joslin taking over around midnight!
And he would play a lot of Old Skool hits that defined EDM (or techno, as we used to call it) back in the day!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Ah, like I said!
Where are all these people going to go in the future?
Spotted: DJ Scott King from Pleasure Island & Downtown Disney
Spotted: DJ Freefall from Field House
Spotted: DJ Pedro Vazquez from B.B. Kings Blues Club
Spotted: DJ Dominick Morrison from Mannequins & Aero Bar
Spotted: DJ Adam Wright from Backbooth
Spotted from Mannequins: Anna
Spotted from Mannequins: Mercelot

Spotted: My favorite bartendress from CityWalk, Katie from The Groove
DJ Magic Mike taking over around 1AM!
And his set would run the gamut from EDM hits to Hip Hop hits!
Packed to the rafters!
Which dance club in town is going to step up and grab these DJ's and all these patrons?  There is no ideal solution but Sunday nights are now open!
Shutting this down is sad but in my opinion the Pleasure Island shut-down was a lot more emotional for a lot more people.  SIN has been a lot more young Disney cast member driven and that was a constant revolving cycle of new people in here.
Miami's DJ Khaled stopping by to lead the crowd!
Magic Mike going strong till 2AM as another era comes to an end!
Congrats all around!  RR ,JJ, MM all delivered a quality ending!
DJ Sandy in the pit!
And despite some chants of "One More Song", there would be no encore. Nonetheless, a good time was had by all!
And another one of our great Pleasure Island memories, Cheryl from Disney Security was outside pointing the way home!


Anonymous said...

and with that, it's official. Disney doesn't want nightlife at the new Disney Springs. They want you in your hotel room by midnight curfew at the latest.

Anonymous said...

KingBob - Every time you write "You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!" I laugh. I expect it whenever there is a pic of a woman dancing.

Troy said...

I don't think Disney is completely ditching nightlife, just a certain type of it. Aren't Morimoto's operating hours until like 2 a.m.? I'm assuming the Edison will have similar hours, though I have noticed that Jock Lindsey's closes around midnight.

KingBob said...

Anon at 9:23AM, they definitely don't want guests in their hotel rooms by midnight curfew. They just don't want the headaches associated with youthful drinking.

Anon at 10:18AM, I generally reserve the Go Go girl comment to actual professional Go Go girls.

Troy, I concur. Right now Morimoto is open until 1AM. I still think they're wasting 3 hours every night of revenue-production by not offering any form of entertainment. Edison and Neverland Tunnels offer some hope. STK's in other cities have DJ's on weekend nights. HOB will still offer concerts, occasionally with touring DJ's. But overall, music attractive to young adults won't be welcome in Disney Springs.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to bet, that Edison / Never-land, closes at 1am... once / if those ever get built.

Anonymous said...

Remember when everyone had a blast at P.I., now everyone will go to City Walk for nightlife and partying.

P.S. The whole thing is pretty pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Citywalk ? Really? I think most people will head to downtown. Citywalk is a ghost_walk on Sundays. Ever been there?

Nick Corjay said...

This is quite sad for me actually. I had many a fun night here, There's an opening on Sunday's now though so we'll see which club takes it.

It'd behoove BB Kings to try and take advantage of this.

Anonymous said...

Pleasure Island and Downtown Disney used to be a ghost town on Sundays also, until SIN started. I agree that BB Kings should take it (try again) but City Walk (Groove) would be a great option also

KingBob said...

Anon at 10:26PM, CityWalk is a possibility. Check out our article on the subject this coming Tuesday on the Blog!

Nick, BB Kings was one of the places that tried a Sunday night SIN, ironically with Magic Mike & Jimmie Joslin. They failed because they were competing with HOB. Now that they aren't, it's a possibility. But they've got that damn parking charge.