Tuesday, September 1, 2015

PI Update: Spring Action Beside Raglan Road

Come cross the No. 1 Bridge with us to Pleasure Island!  Often overlooked as one of the Island's bridges due to the four kiosks placed along the edges, the two kiosks on this eastern side of the bridge have been removed.
Two kiosks remain on the west edge of the bridge.  Don't know if this is permanent or not but the extra room eliminates one of the remaining pedestrian chokeholds that existed.
The construction walls along Raglan Road have been moved again but it's still possible to squeeze your way back to Cookes of Dublin and the Hole In The Wall Bar.
Looks like a wide pathway will be built through here.
Which will provide access to the springs of Disney Springs.
Overview of the same construction area.
View down on the Central Springs area besides Raglan Road.
At the new No. 2 Bridge, that's not spring water, that's rain water along the near bank of the springs.
Looking west from Cookes of Dublin.
One of the scenic overlooks adjacent Eastern Springs.
Looking west from Eastern Springs.
Another overview shot.  The springs are not expected to open anytime soon but we expect both Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar and Morimoto Asia to open in September.

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