Tuesday, September 22, 2015

PI Update: News On The March

Time is running out to cross this bridge to Pleasure Island. It will soon be The Landing and all traces of the Pleasure Island name will be forever gone! So let's give it a going over.
The stark skeleton of Adventurers Club stands idle, waiting to be turned into The Edison Orlando. Remember that the upstairs of AC had the main entrance as it was connected to PI's upper level near West End Plaza.  It is currently detached but concept art shows EO's entrance returning to that location again.
Apparently this plot of dirt where BET Soundstage used to stand will be home to Walt's, a restaurant concept. This will be at least 2 stories as well per concept art, with the main entrance up on the Island's upper level.

Neverland Tunnels, if that's the real name, will be down here.
STK Steakhouse stands roughly where Comedy Warehouse used to stand.
Side view of STK.  It sits on the cliff just as CW used to.
Progress is rapid and while I've not heard an opening date, it would not surprise me to see this open for the holiday season.
Often overlooked in the Pleasure Island discussion, Paradiso 37 was for half a decade the only thing new that opened on the Island after the clubs were shuttered.
They will offer a new patio overlooking Village Lake.
As well as this new side entry which has not been publicized yet.
Wedged between Paradiso and the new Hangar Bar, the new Landing Dock will be offering nonstop water taxi service to Downtown Disney Marketplace with continuing service to Downtown Disney West Side at House of Blues.
Our exclusive SkyCam shows this dock is ready to go!
And indeed, testing has been in progress and it opened today.
After a week of cast member testing, Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar opens today!
Mainly a highly-themed bar with light food options, Hangar Bar brings the spirit of Indiana Jones to Pleasure Island and should thus be popular for AC adventurers!  This stands where part of Rock'n'Roll Beach Club used to stand.
Morimoto Asia is key to the entire redevelopment of Pleasure Island.  Too huge to fail, we'll soon know more about what this place has to offer!  (Am I the only one asking why did they install a tree right there?)
Outdoor patio now has furniture with an awning coming. Mannequins ain't what she used to be!
The LED lighting shines brightly at night as shown here.  If you haven't been to Pleasure Island in awhile, come on down.  It's going away quickly!


Anonymous said...

That sixth shot down gives me the most hope about Disney Springs. More wide-open spaces with relaxing areas is what they need.

Anonymous said...

I hope the new thing in Mannequins fails. so the building sits empty right up front.

KingBob said...

Too big to fail; Disney would never let it fail.