Tuesday, September 15, 2015

DTD Update: Shopper's Delight

Some more pictures to share with you today, taken last week with our exclusive Save Pleasure Island Blog SkyCam.  This is the largest of the shopping buildings under construction in the Town Center section of Disney Springs.  It will feature an indoor mall type of arrangement with stores on both sides of an interior aisle.  On hot summer days, this will be a popular option.
This massive structure has shops facing towards the camera as well as more shops facing the exit of the before-mentioned mall building.  Notice the curious awning on the rooftop.
Closeup on one of the buildings along the springs.
With another one at the junction of the tributary of the springs.  I believe this one will be home to the "fish camp" restaurant.
This one curves around T-Rex Cafe.
This one is between the No. 1 & No. 2 Bridges.
Same building but a bit more of the new Lime (East) Garage behind it.
Lime Garage front view from across Buena Vista Drive.
Lime Garage side view from behind World of Disney.
Nothing gets car park fans more excited than construction cranes!
Ramps perhaps in the making on the west side of the Lime Garage.


Anonymous said...

I'm actually kinda shocked that they have blocked the view of the new Disney Springs, with these parking garages in this manor. Driving up to it, you see NOTHING but parking garage, no hint of shopping / retail / dining / fun..

Jeff - Gainesville said...

"Notice the curious awning" are you implying perhaps a roof top bar with entertainment???

Dan Boris said...

Anonymous: The new bus drop off area will be between the two garages, and a lot of the new buildings will be visible in that area. The garages are mainly hiding the existing West Side and Marketplace.

Brian said...

funny how Disney said parking garages are ugly

when I asked why they didn't build them for more parking back when Pleasure Island was open.

KingBob said...

Anon at 8:47AM, they're constructing the "front" of Disney Springs right now across from the Speedway station. Once this is done, you won't be able to miss the place and the garages won't interfere.

Jeff, subsequent construction has closed in that awning so it no longer looks like a rooftop bar. We'll have some fresh photos this week.

Dan, I agree.

Brian, times have changed & needs have changed.